Brewer Registration

Welcome to the 2017 Great Arizona Beer Festival, to be held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at Civic Space Park., 424 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004. The Great Arizona Beer Festival is an all-volunteer fund raising event put on by Sun Sounds Foundation (a 501(c)(3) NOT FOR PROFIT) to benefit Sun Sounds of Arizona, a local organization which serves men, women, and children throughout Arizona, who are unable to read conventional print due to blindness or other disability.

Please read this page carefully.  It is our goal to raise money for Sun Sounds of Arizona and thousands of print-disabled people, and help you present your products to a craft beer-loving public in a positive manner.

Sun Sounds Provides:

  • 10x10 space
  • 6 foot table
  • two chairs
  • plastic  tablecloths
  • keg or can tub & ice
  • 2 complimentary General Admission Brewer tickets for brewers
  • 2 additional brewer passes for $25 to be purchased day of event (cash only) depending on availability in case of a sell-out
  • 2 volunteers per tent to pour beer based on availability.
  • Lunch for brewers
  • Up to $100 reimbursement with receipt, for 1 night hotel stay (Friday or Saturday) for those traveling over 75 miles.

Brewer Provides:

  • Keg, bottles, or canned beer. NO Trucks are allowed.
  • Brewer on premises for whole festival
  • Information on beers to volunteer pourers
  • Availability at tent for the first hour of Priority Admission from 1-2pm
  • Payment of any fines incurred at their tent during the festival
  • Knowledge and adherence to AZ State Liquor Law
  • 10x10 canopy or rental of a canopy by Great AZ Beer Festival for $125
  • (Optional) Swag or promo items for 250 Priority Guests bags
  • (Optional) Brewer items for sale or raffle by Sun Sounds, during festival
  • (Optional) Specialty brew for 250 priority guests to be served from 1:00PM – 2:00PM

What You Get

Your presentation space is 10 feet by 10 feet and includes one, six-foot table and two chairs.  You may request one additional table and 2 chairs without any fee.

Bring your own canopy (10 x 10 max size) or we will rent one for you at a charge of @$125 each.  Should you wish to bring special displays or inflatable items, please follow up your written request with a phone call to Andrea Pasquale (480) 377-GAZBF to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.

You will receive 2 COMPLIMENTARY GENERAL ADMISSION BREWER PASSES.  Up to 2 ADDITIONAL GENERAL ADMISSION Brewer Passes may be purchased at the discounted price of $25 each at Brewer Check-In (cash only. All Brewer Passes must be redeemed at the Brewer Check-in Tent and NOT at the main gate. Will-call can be arranged.

No one will be admitted to the festival without a ticket or a pass, and everyone must be at least 21 years of age with valid photo ID.

Brewer Information
Company Address
Distributor Information and Contact

Please enter beer name(s) in the fields below, including quantity of each (cans/kegs). Note these will be posted on AZBEER.COM and on our mobile-enhanced webpage so please double check your spelling. Thanks!

Beer and Beverage Donation Information
Supplies and Other Needs

Sun Sounds Foundation will provide up to TWO volunteers per table to pour product and take tickets as available. Due to increased enforcement efforts by the State of Arizona Liquor Control, no brewers, distributors, or staff other than the Sun Sounds Foundation volunteers will be pouring at the 2017 Great Arizona Beer Festival.

We encourage brew masters and brewery staff to be near, or in front of their presentation space to be available to change taps/kegs, promote the product to guests, refer guests to stores where the products can be purchased and answer questions about their beers. Have Fun!

If you are a brewer outside a 75 mile radius from the venue, who needs a hotel room, we can reimburse you $100 for one night's accommodations for either Friday, March 10th or Saturday, March 11th. Receipt must be emailed to for reimbursments.


Do you need a Hotel room? (If yes fill in the Occupant information below) 

Do you need a hotel room?
Occupant Address
Marketing Participation
We have two options for marketing and promotional participation this year.
First we offer prize giveaways supplied by the vendors and brewers on social media and at the festival.
We have also added in the opportunity for brewers to provide promotional items to our Priority Admission guests.  This year we are providing 250 swag bags to our Priority Admission guests.  If you would like to have items included in these bags (stickers, coasters, restuarant menus, coupons, etc) please indicate below what you have to contribute.

Please have all merchandise delivered to the Foundation offices no later than March 6th, 2017. Here’s the address. We can arrange pickup. Let us know.

Sun Sounds Foundation
2323 W 14th Street - 4th Floor
Tempe, AZ 85281
ATTN: GAZBF Give-away


Once your application for the Great Arizona Beer Festival is processed you will be contacted to confirm the above information and be provided with the terms and conditions of participation, set-up and entry, as well as additional ticket ordering details.

For information and updates see or contact us: or call 480-377-GAZBF.

I hereby apply to be a brewer at the March 11, 2017 Great Arizona Beer Festival to be held at Civic Space Park 424 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this application *